Sunday, September 9, 2018

Be Opened

Today's homily in the mass is about healing of Jesus to a deaf man who also had difficulty in speaking. Jesus said "Ephphata" which means "be opened" when He healed the man. This situation does not only shows how Jesus heals the man physically but spiritually as well.

As many of us know, many people are deaf in the word of God. They can hear it but they do not really understand and live with it. What Jesus has done when He came on earth is make people hear and spread the good news that Jesus saves us. Jesus is the Saviour.

When our ears are open, we can also talk about what we heard. Let us listen to God and live our lives following Him.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Beautiful Mind

Listening to audio book of As a Man Thinketh, I recently realized that indeed man's mind is powerful and beautiful. It is powerful because whatever man feeds his mind, that will result in how he will live his life. It will affect his actions and feelings. 

I am amazed at the idea that it is like a garden. If it is like a garden, then it must be beautiful. But of course, garden needs to be maintained well. Weeds would attack the plants. So the gardener needs to make sure that weeds will be plucked so that the plants will stay healthy and the garden beautiful. I realized that everyday I must always maintain my mind to stay healthy and beautiful. It is normal that I can hear or feel negativity from my environment. However, if I am mentally strong, no negativity will bring me down. 

I hope that I can keep the habit of being mindful to weeds that enters my mind. Most of the time, those things that makes me sad are ideas injected to me by people who might intentionally want to discourage me. Or they might not really intentional in saying negative things to me but I have to be mindful and careful in accepting ideas. I have to be wise in accepting ideas because if I will let weeds enter my mind, then I will most likely feel bad. 

Our mind is powerful and beautiful so we must also take very good care of it. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

How to Finish a Book in Easier Way

I would like to read as many great books as I can. However, due to work and other activities, I can only allot little time for reading. So it takes so long for me to finish a book. 

But lately, I remember that there is already audio books where in someone is reading the book and all I have to do is listen to it even if I am doing other activities such as walking or house hold chores. 

Now I am starting to listen to audio books and I just recently finished two great books which are "The Richest Man in Babylon" and "As a Man Thinketh. 

So for those who are like me, go ahead and look for the audio book version of books that you would like to finish. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Richest Man in Babylon

I just want to share this book that I have been reading which is entertaining and educational at the same time. The Richest Man in Babylon translated by George S. Clason.

I am amazed on the stories being narrated on this book. The financial problems that I am encountering is the same financial problems that the characters in the stories experienced. Considering that the book was written too long ago at the time of the early civilization of Babylon.

I don't want to spoil those avid readers but just try to grab a copy and specially if you want guidance about finances. You will surely enjoy and appreciate the book.

End of sharing.. :)

Sunday, March 25, 2018

My Maid Invest in Stock Market by Bo Sanchez

photo got from the web

        This book taught me how to start investing in stock market. In this book, Bo Sanchez make it easy for anyone to understand how the stock market works and how anyone can become an investor with a small start.
        Though the stock broker that Bo Sanchez is promoting in this book is a broker in the Philippines, non-Filipino readers might be able to do their own research in looking for stock brokers in their own country that might be able to help them start their stock investing.

You can order this book online.
For Philippine residents go to Kerygma Books Site.
For US residents go to Amazon.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Nobody Lives Just For Themselves

I just passed by the church today and they were having Recollection. I entered the church and joined the seats of listeners.

My soul hungers and thirst for wisdom and so I ate and drank what was served in church today. I am very satisfied with the words that I got as food and drinks for my soul.

The main thing that strikes me most in that recollection is the idea that man does not live just for themselves.  I think this is what Jesus has been telling me these past few months. God has been telling me that the blessings that I have been receiving from Him is not only for me but to be shared to other people especially the poor. I am already familiar with this idea even when I was still young. But in reality, I am not really practicing it. Maybe sometimes, I am able to do it. I am just being used as an instrument to let my fellowman feel the love of God.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

How do I Motivate Myself

Motivating ourselves is important. I am always trying to motivate myself because there are many instances or people who are always  making me feel down.

I motivate myself by reading inspiration books and watching youtube videos of motivation. I also use affirmation. I am listening to an audio shared to me by a friend which is an affirmation and helping me in programming my mind to believe in myself.