Sunday, March 25, 2018

My Maid Invest in Stock Market by Bo Sanchez

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        This book taught me how to start investing in stock market. In this book, Bo Sanchez make it easy for anyone to understand how the stock market works and how anyone can become an investor with a small start.
        Though the stock broker that Bo Sanchez is promoting in this book is a broker in the Philippines, non-Filipino readers might be able to do their own research in looking for stock brokers in their own country that might be able to help them start their stock investing.

You can order this book online.
For Philippine residents go to Kerygma Books Site.
For US residents go to Amazon.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Nobody Lives Just For Themselves

I just passed by the church today and they were having Recollection. I entered the church and joined the seats of listeners.

My soul hungers and thirst for wisdom and so I ate and drank what was served in church today. I am very satisfied with the words that I got as food and drinks for my soul.

The main thing that strikes me most in that recollection is the idea that man does not live just for themselves.  I think this is what Jesus has been telling me these past few months. God has been telling me that the blessings that I have been receiving from Him is not only for me but to be shared to other people especially the poor. I am already familiar with this idea even when I was still young. But in reality, I am not really practicing it. Maybe sometimes, I am able to do it. I am just being used as an instrument to let my fellowman feel the love of God.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

How do I Motivate Myself

Motivating ourselves is important. I am always trying to motivate myself because there are many instances or people who are always  making me feel down.

I motivate myself by reading inspiration books and watching youtube videos of motivation. I also use affirmation. I am listening to an audio shared to me by a friend which is an affirmation and helping me in programming my mind to believe in myself. 

You Only Get 24 Hours Motivational Video

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Sacrifice is Part of Worshipping God

I attended the Feast Makati Salcedo today which was temporarily held at AIM. I almost skipped the event today because I would like to go to work early the following day. So I thought I might as well go home early to get an early sleep. But when I asked God if He would like me to attend or not, the answer I got is I have to attend. True enough I really need to hear the talk because it answers the questions that I have in my mind.

In the past few days or weeks, I find myself complaining about my job. I am complaining about many things and I can always find reasons why I have to quit.

But today, God spoke to me and said that the difficulty and stress I am experiencing is part of my worship to God. I have to work not only for myself but also for my family. So I have to sacrifice experiencing the challenges of my job in order to make my parents proud of me and to give them financial support that they need. That is one of my great missions here on earth. That is to help my parents.

The talk reminded me that worshipping God is not only singing worship song. It’s also offering everything that I have including my problems and sins. It made me realise that the difficulty I have been experiencing are part of my worship to God. It has a sacrificial portion.

I thank God for this amazing experience. To God be the glory. 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Love Makes the World Go Round

When I first heard this statement, I thought that it is referring to an intimate love between a couple. But recently, I have been realizing that God is love. Love is one of the description to God. God so loved the world that He gave his only Son. God’s greatest commandment is to love Him with all heart, mind and soul. Next to that commandment is to love the fellow man the way we love ourselves.    So it is the commandment, the basic rule, man’s purpose and the reason why we live.

Love makes us continue to live now and forever.

What have I learned today?

What have I learned today?

I have learned today that I should stop complaining about the difficulty that I am experiencing. This past few days, I always find myself complaining and always almost quitting. I am being disillusioned
by the negativities that I am absorbing from my environment. 

I feel like I am being attacked by the enemy in my mind. I am becoming weak mentally. I tend to believe the lies that the enemy has been feeding my mind. The enemy that I am referring here is the devil. The devil is using people and circumstances to make me lose hope and faith in myself. The enemy is just lurking around.

But there is a powerful force that can defeat this enemy. This is the highest goal ever. This is the most powerful feeling. This is no other than love.

I have learned today that love is the thing that I can use to defeat my enemy.